Mark Runde

Meet Mark Runde

Mark Runde is a commercial real estate agent in Helena Montana.

Agent Contact

Phone: (406) 916-2259

Email: [email protected]

Mark Runde

Sales Associate

Mark is described by many as industrious, and self described as a man of moxie. As an agent, he’s endowed with a composed nature, and an insatiable devotion to the needs of his clients. He developed an interest for investing and entrepreneurship at a young age. Mark first started a business making drone videos for real estate agents. He learned the basics of real estate marketing, and also collected nuggets of wisdom from top performing real estate agents.  Later in college while pursing an accounting degree, he started a retail store selling mattresses. This taught Mark the rudimentary skills to make a business successful. He strives for superlative service – give Mark a call today. 


Mark was raised on a dairy, beef, and grain farm in Wisconsin. In his time off he’s often intentionally and unintentionally lost in the Montana wilderness behind the handlebars of his Triumph, or in his hiking boots.