Year End Market Anaysis

2023 Q4 Helena Real Estate Newsletter

Year end market analysis

2023 Q4 Helena Real Estate Newsletter

Year End Market analysis


Commercial real estate and economics are closely linked. Understanding basic economics is key to making smart investments. Property values increase when demand is high and supply is low, especially in thriving areas. On the flip side, areas with too many properties may need to be approached with strategic caution. Economic factors like interest rates and market sentiment, or how people feel about the market, also impact the investment landscape. Understanding the fundamentals of economics serves as a practical guide in commercial real estate…


Valuation Services at Coldwell Banker Commercial Green & Green include commercial property evaluation, business valuation and market rent analysis. Scenarios where these services have proven to be valuable are internal or off market transactions, estate planning, investment analysis, estimated sale value and business succession planning. Each of these services also plays a significant role when listing and marketing a property for sale. With these valuation services our clients, the buyers, the sellers, landlords or tenants, are better served…


In 2023 transactions were down 29% from 2022, while Q4 of 2023 was the only quarter to have more transactions year over year. 9 of 12 months in 2023 had fewer transactions than in the same month of 2022. The most dramatic being Q2 transactions were down 64% from 2022 Q2. Industrial sales comprised a larger share of transactions in 2023 than the year before. 2023 saw several large hotel sales…

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