Lewis and Clark County Zoning

Help direct the Growth Policy and Zoning. We need YOU!

Lewis and Clark County Zoning

Help direct the Growth Policy and Zoning. We need YOU!

Lewis and Clark County Zoning

Help direct the Growth Policy and Zoning. We need YOU!

Here we are, stuck with a zoning interpretation that is not allowing many landowners in the valley to do what they want to do. Apparently, there has been some confusion in the past about how the county is zoning our valley and how the rules are being interpreted. 


For example, large swaths of commercial uses were zoned as residential and require conditional use permits to allow for commercial uses. Or the construction of ‘Shops’ require too many ‘uses’ for the single site under the county’s interpretation. While this is frustrating and some people want to run into the county and let them have a piece of their mind, the county planners are simply the messengers. We are the ones that did not speak out at the former zoning meetings and growth policy meetings which should be helping them change and directing them in a more realistic direction. The only way to change this effectively is through the development of the conditional use permits or by changing the growth policy and zoning. I urge you to voice your opinion if you are directly affected by this.

Understanding Growth Policies and Zoning Changes in the Helena Valley: A Call to Action

As residents and stakeholders in our beloved Helena Valley, it’s crucial to stay informed about the development policies that shape our community. Among these, growth policies and zoning changes are significant drivers that determine how our neighborhoods evolve, how businesses operate, and ultimately, how our quality of life is defined. More information is available, click button below.

What is a Growth Policy?

A growth policy, as defined by local government planning, is a comprehensive outline that guides the development and management of a community. It encompasses long-term goals and objectives for land use, housing needs, infrastructure development, and environmental protection. This strategic plan reflects the community’s vision for growth and

This is the important part: sets the stage for zoning regulations, which are the tools used to implement this vision.

The Role of Zoning

Zoning is the process by which a city or county divides land into zones where certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. The two zoning segments that are under more fire at this time are RRMU Rural Residential Mixed-Use and SMRU Suburban Residential Mixed Use. Zoning affects everything from the height of buildings, the number of rooms in your home, to the types of businesses that can operate in your neighborhood. It is designed to protect property values, ensure the safety of residents, and promote desirable community attributes. Sometimes, however, it does not apply and/or is made without proper input from participants.

Impact on Our Community

For the residents of Helena Valley, understanding and participating in discussions about growth policies and zoning is essential. These policies determine:


  1. Where you can live and work and what types of homes or commercial buildings can be built. Changes in zoning might allow for more diverse housing options, which can be beneficial as the needs of our community evolve.
  2. How businesses grow and where they locate. Strategic zoning can attract new businesses that enhance our community, providing more jobs and better services.
  3. The preservation of natural and historical areas. Effective growth policies can help ensure that the development does not come at the cost of our beautiful landscapes and heritage sites.

Get Involved!

As we anticipate upcoming changes to our growth policies and zoning regulations, your voice is more important than ever. RIGHT NOW our county has a comment period that is very important to be a part of. There are only two days left and it would be in your best interest to make a contribution if at all possible. You can submit emails with comments to the email address below. By participating, you can help shape the future of the Helena Valley in a way that reflects our shared values and priorities.


We invite all residents and business owners to join the conversation. Your involvement ensures that our community grows in a way that is beneficial for everyone. For more information on how you can get involved, and to stay updated on meeting times and locations, please contact our office at 406-442-1736 or Lewis and Clark County and the Growth Policy Office directly.

Together, let’s shape the future of the Helena Valley!

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